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Accessories & Equipments

All prices in Canadian Dollars.

Quick and time efficient !!

shaking machine

Long term savings compare to regular lids.

Sealer specifications:
Weight: 45 kg (100 lbs)
Power: 110V/220V
Size: 475 x 275 x 805MM
Capacity: 9 Cups/Min


The Hamilton Blender

The Hamilton Blender

Hot Water Warmer

This unit is great for storing your daily brewed teas. Keeping your operation organized and professional looking by adding this unit to your counter set up.
Approx. 100 cups/unit

Hot Water Warmer

Cocktail Shaker Metal

Professional easy to wash stainless steel.


Plastic Cocktail Shaker

Plastic Cocktail Shaker

Semi rounded and very cute looking.

100 lids/roll

Transparent so you can see your "Pearls".

100 cups/roll

Comes in fun colours!

30-35 straws/bag

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