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Bubble Tea Components

Sour Flavour, Syrup Flavour, Cream flavour, or Fresh Fruits

Powder or liquid form.

Fructose, Sugar (white or brown).

Milk, Tea or Water.

Black or Colour Pearls.

There are many ways a Bubble Tea drink is served. Some like it hot/cold, fresh fruits/artificial flavours or even in a smoothie or slushy form. Bubble Tea popularity is true and not a "Fad" because it is so diverse in itself to accommodate different scopes of people in any market. It's a great alternative to coffee. Have a Hot Bubble Tea in the winter or a cold one on a hot summer day. it is a very refreshing drink.


FLAVOUR picture At BubbleTea.CA, we only carry the great taste in "Flavoured Powders." Our quality powders are recognized and used throughout Taiwan and other parts of Asia and North America. Our powder contains as much as 75 % fruit flavourings. This gives the drink a creamier, milky fruity taste. Our "Flavoured Syrups" are thick and concentrated and are used to enhance the flavour of the Bubble Tea drink.


CREAMER picture

Many Bubble Tea shops use "Half and Half", "Whole Milk", "Non-Dairy Creamers", "Refined Creamers", "Dairy Milk" or "Evaporated Milk" to add richness and full-bodied taste to the drink.


Sugar Syrup (white or brown), Fructose or Honey.


Many shop owners limit their use of water in Bubble Tea because it could cause the drink to be too watery and diluted in taste. Tea in liquid form is usually the preferred choice though it is not recommended for all flavours. All customers have their own preferences. Listen to their advice and satisfy their taste buds.


Tapioca Pearls are usually given or asked by name by Bubble Tea lovers. There are several types of Tapioca Pearls you can add to your Bubble Tea drink. Tapioca Pearls are the round balls that give the drink the unique look, taste and texture. We carry a variety of selections of Tapioca Pearls. Check out our Product List.

Having a great first Bubble Tea experience is important because that first impression counts. Remember that the Tapioca Pearls should not be over cooked and should have a good texture and taste. This means that they shouldn't be too soft or too hard when chewing. Keep the ingredient ratio that makes up the drink at reasonable levels. Check out our Bubble Tea "Know How" and "BBT Recipes" if you need help preparing that perfect drink and you can thank us later.

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